The association MEDIPLANT - founded in 1988 by three partners : The Foundation Dalle Molle, the Etat du Valais  and the Swiss confederation – is a Swiss research center dedicated to medicinal and aromatic plants and their valorization. Due to its structure, Mediplant is an independant research institute essentially working by confidential contracts.

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MEDIPLANT carries out variety improvement for aromatic and medicinal plants, as well as domestication of new species based on user-defined criteria. MEDIPLANT’s works are also dedicated to the improvement of productions techniques aiming at a better quality, an optimal productivity and the respect of the environment, especially in mountainous areas.

Annual report 2016


Thanks to the support of Agroscope, Mediplant benefits from an efficient infrastructure for carrying out agronomical trials :

  • Land surfaces for our trials in the valley and in the mountain
  • Greenhouses
  • An experimental dryer
  • An analysis laboratory (distillation, germination test, thin-layer chromatography, DPPH, NIRS,…)
  • An in-vitro multiplication laboratory
  • A library

Ethical Chart

Médiplant adopted in 2008 an ethical chart setting the human being and its environment at the centre of their concern.

From drilling to raw material, our staff is ready to meet your challenges and help you making your projects real.